Pan African family Union is a non-profit community base organization helping to shape schools, students & teachers

How do we work?

Shaped by decades of experience within the African refugee and immigrants communities and with its educators, we affect change by bringing all African together real-world solutions for better change of culture, languages and psychological policy. expertise, sustainable management, leadership, finance and collaborative partnerships among San Diego County.

Technology & Innovation

To make a lasting impact, we know that we must actively engage and include the communities we are seeking to help. We are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, ethical partner for social services to family of all concern.

"Bringing All African Together"

Finance & Investing

Utilizing and adapting technologies familiar to the developed world, we can provide outreach team, parents, and students with products and services to improve learning and decision-making for a better change.

Partnering with Local Communities

By nurturing relationships with likeminded organizations and private individuals, we're able to unlock new sources of social services to invest human capital and scale up our work far beyond what traditional funding can do alone. Our refugee communities are thrilled by our mission to reaches to the underserved families. Our barriers to Languages, social gender, religious, ethnic background and economic structure could not be allowed to weaken our effort to change to success as the New African American.

Our team

Nyalok 2021

With a background in business, community services and having grown up in a developing community with limited access to basic educational supplies, Elder John builds relationships with our core parents and keys partners.

John 2020

With a masters degree in Public Health, as well as strong ties to some of our most important communities, Nyalok is influential in shaping our educational policies, proposals, and fundraising rounds while coaching our youth to higher education.

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark Van Doren

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark Van Doren